Family Camp

Family Camp

Our Family Camp provides an opportunity for families with a child diagnosed with cancer to reconnect, have fun and connect with a community who has similar experiences. Our scheduling includes time for rest and revitalization. Because all our Family Camps take place in a traditional camp setting, participants will have the opportunity to get a snapshot of the programming we provide during our Kid Camp program.  

We offer inclusive programming that is age and developmentally-appropriate and accommodate our activities for all ability levels, always free of charge. 

Who this camp is for

  • The immediate family of a child diagnosed with cancer, including up to two adult caregivers. Children must be between the ages of 0 and 18. 
  • All participants must have their childhood immunizations up to date. COVID-19 vaccines are recommended but not mandatory.

Program Dates

Family Camp hosted at Brigadoon Village
Friday, May 24 - Sunday, May 26, 2024
Aylesford, NS

Applications are open now closed for the 2024 program. Please note the application process for Family Camp is through the Camp Goodtimes registration portal.

Who this camp is for

Camp Goodtimes Family Camp is run at Brigadoon Village which is situated in Aylesford, Nova Scotia. Brigadoon Village is nestled in the heart of the Annapolis Valley on the beautiful shores of Aylesford Lake with stunning amenities for campers to enjoy.

Families sleep in lodges. The lodges have various rooms sizes that each fit different numbers of families. Each of these beautiful, modern lodges are equipped with electric lights, bunk beds, washrooms and showers. All families have their own room(s) and washroom.


The Canadian Cancer Society offers reimbursement of mileage by car to Brigadoon Village.

Family Camp FAQ
Where do families sleep?

Families sleep in lodges. The lodges have various room sizes that each fit different numbers of families. Each of these beautiful, modern lodges is equipped with electric lights, bunk beds, washrooms, and showers. All families have their room(s) and washroom

Where do families shower?

Our cabins have four private showers that can be used during free time, before breakfast or before lights out.

Where are the bathrooms?

Cabins have four bathrooms, and the dining hall has two bathrooms for use during the day. There are also two bathrooms in our medical centre. All our bathrooms are private.

Where do families eat?

Our exquisite dining hall is the big blue building you will see first when you arrive at Brigadoon. The kitchen and dining hall are upstairs, and the medical centre, art room and staff offices are downstairs.

How is the food?

The food is amazing! Our chef prepares food with camper taste buds in mind. Our cooking instructors offer cooking classes during our programming time.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to be coming from the kitchen, but if your child doesn’t like or can’t eat these options, we’ll find something else delicious for them to enjoy.


Examples of breakfast

– Fluffy french toast or from-scratch pancakes

– Homemade sausages or thick-cut bacon

– Scrambled eggs, egg-in-a-hole or breakfast sandwiches


Examples of lunch

– Freshly baked baguette or grilled cheese sandwiches

– Ooey-gooey quesadillas or slow-cooker chili and nachos

– Pizzas, burgers or pasta

– Fresh soups or inspired salads

Examples of dinner

– BBQ ham steaks or house-made BBQ kebabs with grilled pineapple

– Pasta accompanied by freshly baked bread and homemade sauces

– Meatloaf or classic roasted chicken with mashed, roasted or baked potatoes

– BBQ burgers and dogs with all the fixings


Examples of snacks

– Freshly baked muffins or cookies

– Fresh whole fruit, sliced fruit platters or parfaits

– Pretzels and goldfish crackers

– S’mores!!!

Can our children attend both Kids Camp and Family Camp in the same year?

Yes! Kids Camp attendees must be between the ages of 7 to 16 to join for a week of Kids Camp.

Can I bring my own food?

At Brigadoon, there is a No Outside Food policy. To be able to care for our campers who have serious allergies to certain foods, we ask that all food stay home, unless you’ve discussed it in advance with our Executive Chef and Summer Director.

What should I bring to camp?

If possible, it is a good idea to send clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. A  complete packing list will be provided to families before the camp start date.

Camp Goodtimes is not responsible for the loss or damage of items and clothing.

We do not have a store at camp, so families do not need to bring money.

If you forget something or are not able to pick something up before camp, don’t worry! We have extras of almost all these things onsite and are happy to lend them.

ALL medications must be in their original packaging, in a Zip Lock bag with your camper’s name on it. Please make sure that you send enough of each medication to last the full weekend, plus a few extra, just in case!

How to get to Family Camp Goodtimes in Nova Scotia?

BRIGADOON VILLAGE: 1650 North River Rd, Aylesford, NS


BREAKING NEWS: You can now find us on Google Maps!

Make sure you search for Brigadoon Village (rather than typing in our address) and select the location in Aylesford rather than Halifax! Please note that there are many North River Roads in Nova Scotia, so be careful with the way you select your location!