Camp Goodtimes FAQ

Kids Camp FAQ
Where do campers sleep?

Each cabin has four camper rooms with bunk beds, one staff room and four private bathrooms with showers. The cabins are large and beautiful with comfortable beds and electricity. Campers must bring their own sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow and stuffies (if they want) from home. We encourage campers to bring things that will make them feel comfortable at camp since sleeping away from home can be hard to adjust to.

Where do counsellors sleep?

Counsellors sleep in the staff room in the middle of the cabin.

Where do campers shower?

During their stay, campers are bound to pick up a little dirt and will need to take a shower. Our cabins have four private showers that can be used during free time, before breakfast or before lights out.

Where are the bathrooms?

Cabins have four bathrooms and the dining hall has two bathrooms for use during the day. There are also two bathrooms in our medical centre. All our bathrooms are private.

What is the camper-to-counsellor ratio at Kids Camp?

Our minimum ratio of campers to counsellors is 3:1. Cabin groups consist of 4 to 12 campers with at least two, but often three or four, adult counsellors per cabin group.

Where do campers eat?

Our exquisite dining hall is the big blue building you will see first when you arrive at Brigadoon. The kitchen and dining hall are upstairs, and the medical centre, art room and staff offices are downstairs.

How is the food?

The food is amazing! Our chef prepares food with camper taste buds in mind. Our cooking instructors offer cooking classes during our programming time.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to be coming from the kitchen, but if your child doesn’t like or can’t eat these options, we’ll find something else delicious for them to enjoy.

Examples of breakfast
– Fluffy french toast or from-scratch pancakes
– Homemade sausages or thick-cut bacon
– Scrambled eggs, egg-in-a-hole or breakfast sandwiches

Examples of lunch
– Freshly baked baguette or grilled cheese sandwiches
– Ooey-gooey quesadillas or slow-cooker chili and nachos
– Pizzas, burgers or pasta
– Fresh soups or inspired salads

Examples of dinner
– BBQ ham steaks or house-made BBQ kebabs with grilled pineapple
– Pasta accompanied by freshly baked bread and homemade sauces
– Meatloaf or classic roasted chicken with mashed, roasted or baked potatoes
– BBQ burgers and dogs with all the fixings

Examples of snacks
– Freshly baked muffins or cookies
– Fresh whole fruit, sliced fruit platters or parfaits
– Pretzels and goldfish crackers
– S’mores!!!

What do campers do during the day?

At Brigadoon, campers will have a chance to try many activities, including:

– Swimming
– Boating (canoeing, kayaking and pontooning)
– Fishing
– Drama
– Cooking
– Music
– Art
– Archery
– Wilderness survival
– Outdoor adventure

What about evening programs and other activities?

All camp games and evening programs are activities where all campers can play together – it could be a game of capture the flag, team relays or mysteries to solve. We also have a big opening and closing night campfire program, and even a talent show!

Is there an overnight trip?

Yes. Monday and Tuesday nights include an overnight trip for our oldest campers to trek (short hike) to our overnight site and sleep in tents under the stars. This is weather dependent – we don’t expect campers to camp out in a thunder storm!

What should participants bring to camp?

Parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive a full packing list for camp, but we also suggest packing something from home that will help your child feel comfortable at camp – a stuffie, favourite blanket, good book, sketch book, etc. We ask that campers don’t bring cell phones or electronic devices (including iPods, iPads, video games, etc.) as these items are easy to lose and easy to break at camp. It’s understandable campers might want something like this for the plane, car or bus ride, but once they get to camp they’ll need to hand them in so they’re safe until they leave at the end of the week.

How can campers keep in touch while they're at camp?

We don’t recommend having campers call home, mostly because they’ll be busy having fun. Should campers want to relay a message home, our head counsellors will happily do that for them. Campers can also write a letter home to talk about all the fun they’re having and we will make sure it gets to their family.

What about my child's medical condition? Are there nurses or doctors to help?

Brigadoon will have nurses on site for your child’s camp stay. All our staff are trained on their condition, but please make sure you tell your child’s counsellor things you think he or she should know. Remember, plenty of other campers during the week will have a diagnosis or experiences similar to your child’s, so feel free to discuss!

Your child’s medications will be kept with our nurses at all times and they will deliver them to your child at the right time. If you ever have questions about anything, please ask!