Medical team

Medical team

At Camp Goodtimes we pride ourselves on having an expert team of  doctors and nurses on site 24 hours a day. Our trusted health care team includes experts from diverse specialties including oncology, pediatrics, emergency and critical care and mental health. Our priorities include health promotion, safety, and specialized quality care for our campers and families.

Our team of 3-5 team members is available at a camp-clinic like environment we refer to as the “Med Shed,”. The team is available around camp throughout the day; and are available to campers and families on call 24 hours a day. Although the camp environment is different from that of a hospital or clinic (think jeans and a T-shirt instead of scrubs), the expertise and professional standards of our medical team ensure a high level of care for participants. Every member of the Med Shed team functions within their scope of practice.  

The team of physicians and nurses is diverse and thoughtfully scheduled to ensure we meet the needs of our campers and families with expert skill and ensuring that each team member is working within their unique scope of practice.

Residents, fellows, clinical associates and oncologists are recruited from British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital. Other physicians are encouraged to apply.

We ask that professionals applying to volunteer in the med shed please commit to a session; sessions are typically 4 days (family camp sessions) or 6 days (kids’ camp sessions or teen camp session). Please click the page links for details of dates and locations of those session types. 

Apply for the 2024 season by clicking the application link below.  Please email with any questions.

Apply to join the Medical Team