Camp Goodtimes FAQ

FAQ Goodtimes Getaways
How will staff and participants be screened for COVID-19?

At this moment in time, our plan is that all staff and participants will be screened by phone three days prior to their camp session using our screening questions, and then again when they arrive on-site. Participants and staff will also be screened daily while at camp. The type of screening or testing before camp may change based on Public Health Guidelines.

How will Camp prevent COVID-19 from spreading if someone has it at camp?

Camp Goodtimes is in the process of developing COVID-19 guidelines that include policies on cleaning, physical distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene, screening for illness and infection response. We hope that by all participants and staff following these guidelines, we will be able to prevent an outbreak on-site. Through screening prior to and upon arrival at camp, we should not have any participants at camp who are ill. If a participant develops symptoms while at camp, their whole family will be immediately isolated and will leave camp as soon as possible and when it is safe to do so. As families are experiencing camp in their family unit, they should not have come into close contact with other families. If a participant is found to be COVID-19 positive within the 14 days following their session, all participants from that session will be notified immediately as a precaution.

Will there be doctors and nurses at camp?

We will still have the Med Shed team at camp. Since there will be fewer families on-site while a session is running, we will have three Med Shed team members made up of nurses and physicians to assist with the medical needs of participants on site.

Will we have to wear masks?

Following public health guidelines, at this moment in time our plans suggest that anytime you are indoors or outdoors and there are other families around (e.g. walking into the dining hall) you will be asked to wear masks.

Will the staff wear masks?

In any indoor space and in areas outside that staff will be within two meters of participants (e.g. archery) they will be wearing masks.

Will the Loon Lake, Pinnacle and Camp Pringle staff be screened when they come on site?

Yes! Every day and any time they leave and return to site, the Loon Lake, Pinnacle, and Camp Goodtimes staff will be screened and will be isolated and sent home if found to be ill.

What if COVID-19 numbers are very bad in the summer?

Working with our Medical Director and public health, we will be closely monitoring the progress of the pandemic and the most current public health orders. At this moment in time we are planning under the assumption that certain restrictions will be lifted by summer. If there comes a point where it is no longer safe to operate an in-person program we will be communicating that with our participants as soon as possible.

What activities will be available?

You can expect to take part in most camp activities while at Goodtimes Getaways! We will be facilitating all waterfront activities, high ropes, rock climbing, archery, arts & crafts, pottery, and various outdoor games. In addition to these staff facilitated activities, families will also be able to take part in individual, family-led programs. You can expect to be given lots of options in your individualized schedules so that you can experience the activities at your own pace.

Will we have any activities with other families? (campfire, opening ceremonies etc)

To prevent any potential COVID-19 exposure between family units, we have made the decision to take out entirely all-camp programming which includes carnival, campfire, and opening & closing ceremony. That being said, there may be areas of camp that are big enough that you will see other families at during programming (e.g. the waterfront) and have activities facilitated with other families when appropriate physical distancing is possible with a maximum of 3 families at a program.

Will we have a host?

To reduce the number of people on-site and thus decrease the risk of bringing COVID-19 into camp, we will not have volunteer hosts. We will have a core staff team that will be facilitating activities and ensuring your time at Goodtimes Getaways is as relaxing as it can be! One staff member will be assigned to check in with your family at meal times, ensure that you are signed up for the programming you are interested in, and make certain that we are providing you with the experience you expect and we are capable of giving.

Will someone watch our kids if we want to do an activity alone/sleep in?

Unfortunately, no. We have the staff capacity to facilitate activities during the morning, afternoon, and evening blocks however we do not have enough staff to provide child minding support. Additionally, we want to limit prolonged close contact between staff and participants and maintain social distancing which is very difficult to do while child minding.

Will we be able to interact with other participants? What if they are in our “bubble”?

Goodtimes Getaways is focusing on bringing your family unit a relaxing, safe, and recreational space. Our programming is designed for household bubbles to travel together and as such, we are not offering programming or activities that allows other family bubbles to participate in together at a distance closer than 6 feet. If a family at camp is in your “bubble,” we encourage you to spend time with them outside of Goodtimes Getaways, and focus on spending time with your family unit while at camp.

How will mealtimes work?

We will be conducting meals differently than previous summers to ensure social distancing and to decrease the number of touch surfaces families interact with. Your family will have an assigned table appropriately distanced from other family bubbles. There will be two mealtimes for each meal (you will keep your mealtime the entire session) to ensure that there are no more than 6 families in the Dining Hall at a given time. When you arrive, you will go to your table where plates and cutlery will be laid out, a staff member will bring food for your entire table, and then you will portion out your food for your family from your own table.

Are all ages welcome?

Goodtimes Getaways will follow the same criteria in terms of participant eligibility as our traditional Family Camps which means that children between the ages of 0 – 18 years old who have or had a cancer diagnosis, their direct family members including two caregivers as well as bereaved families may attend.

Can we choose our accommodation?

To provide a safe environment for our families, we are providing each family unit their own washroom as well as entrance/exit into accommodations. To make sure we can appropriately and safely fit all families into lodging while following these policies, we have carefully selected which rooms families will be staying in taking into consideration their physical needs and number of family members attending. As such, whichever room we assign to your family is the room you will be staying in during your time at Goodtimes Getaways.

How will you choose which families can come?

We look at a number of things when choosing who can come to our programs. We unfortunately cannot always accept everyone to our programs. We give priority to those who are on treatment or closest to treatment, as well as those who have never experienced our programs before.

Will you provide transportation/fly us down to attend camp?

We will provide reimbursement of mileage and ferries but will not be booking any air travel at this time. Given the number of exposures on air travel during the pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to exclude this program from our reimbursement plan. If this is an issue for your family, please contact the camp office.