These FAQs provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about Camp Goodtimes that we receive throughout the year. 


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Family Program

How long is your Family Program? 



Our Family Program runs for four days/three nights. Participants will arrive in the afternoon of Day 1 and will leave in the morning of Day 4.


What are the accommodations like? 


Please visit our Accommodation page to read about the facilities at Loon Lake where Camp Goodtimes is located.


Can I bring my own food? 


Maybe, if you need special food for medical reasons. Loon Lake staff do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions. If you have significant dietary requirements, please contact the Clinical Coordinator to address your needs.


Can we bring someone to Family Program who isn’t a part of our immediate family (e.g. a member of your extended family, a visitor or family friend)? 


Maybe, but only if they’re an adult caregiver. Each family may bring up to two adult caregivers with them to Family Program. Siblings, aged 0 to 18, are also welcome to attend Family Program.


Can we arrive a day early?  


Unfortunately, no. Because we have back to back weeks of Camp Goodtimes we cannot provide accommodations before or after your scheduled time at camp.


Can we leave a day early? 


In order to provide the best camp experience to our campers, we prefer participants to complete an entire camp session. This is especially true as many fun and engaging activities occur during the last 24 hours of camp. Please contact the Coordinator of Program and Participants to discuss possible departure deviations.


Can our children attend both Kids Camp and Family Program in the same summer?  


Yes! Kids Camp attendees must be between the ages of 7-15 to come to a week of Kids Camp.


What will we be doing at Family Program?  



Activities include rock climbing, swimming, archery, a carnival, parent/caregiver only activities, canoeing/kayaking, make arts and crafts and much more!

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