Interested in applying to be a participant at Camp Goodtimes? This is the place to start. Our application process has many steps, so be sure to follow each step to make sure your application is complete.

Our application allows you to submit your application(s) online so you don't need to print and send them in the mail or via fax. By creating a personal account in the online application, you will be able to access your information at any time.

Participant applications are due no later than April 30, 2019. Please contact our office if you want to apply after online applications close. Late applications may be accepted depending on availability up to 5 days before the start of the selected camp/program. Participant acceptance packages will be sent out in May.

Please note that while we do our best to place every applicant, participants are selected based on need and not on a first come first serve basis.

To apply, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Register Online (all participants including caregivers attending Family Program)

Click here to access the participant application


Step 2 - Medical Forms (on active treatment or treated within the last 5 years)

If the applicant is currently on active treatment for cancer, please have these 2 forms filled out by their clinician:

Current Treatment Form (form currently unavailable)

Clinician's Evaluation Form (form currently unavailable)

If the applicant has been treated for cancer in the last 5 years, please have this form filled out by their clinician:

Clinician's Evaluation Form (form currently unavailable)


Step 3 - Age Appropriate Immunizations

Anyone attending a Camp Goodtimes program (participants including caregivers attending family programs) must be immunized as recommended by the Centre for Disease Control.

You do not need to send us any documentation, but we ask that you please bring a photocopy of your immunization record with you to Camp and keep it with you in the event of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable illness at Camp or in the community.  It is your responsibility to know which immunizations you or your child have received.


Step 4 - Pinnacle Pursuits Waiver (all participants including caregivers attending Family Program)

Pinnacle Pursuits Waiver (Ages 0-18)  [Form currently unavailable]

Pinnacle Pursuits Waiver (Ages 19+)   [Form currently unavailable]


Still have questions about the application or the different camp sessions?  Visit our program FAQ

Camp Goodtimes is welcoming of all participants regardless of gender identity and expression. If you are registering a transgender camper, we are very willing to arrange circumstances so that all participants feel safe in their cabin, comfortable with their peers, and accepted by staff. For our summer camps and programs, sleeping arrangements are divided into "girls" and "boys" cabins. For technical reasons we have to register each camper as either "male" or "female". When registering a transgender camper, please register them as "male" or "female" based on what cabin group they will be most comfortable being placed with, then get in touch with the camp office to ensure we make arrangements that fit the participant's need.

Please submit forms to the camp office via

Mail: Camp Goodtimes Canadian Cancer Society, 565 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Z 4J4


Fax: 604.675.7124

If you need to contact the Camp Goodtimes office, please email or call 604.675.7141 or Toll Free 1.800.663.2524 ext 7141




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